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Weekly Market Update April 20, 2015

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The Markets

It’s a topsy-turvy world.

In the United States, during the last quarter of 2014, about seven million (13 percent) of all mortgaged residential properties were underwater, meaning the mortgage loan amount was at least 25 percent higher than the estimated market value of the property, according to That’s a significantly lower number than the 12.8 million that were underwater early in 2012. Regardless, it’s an unhappy situation for the homeowners who may wish they lived in Spain.

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Boomers are not the only game in town

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It’s a millennial thing. Sure, you know China surpassed the United States to become the world’s largest economy, but did you know the millennial generation surpassed the baby boomers to become the largest generation here in America? According to Pew Research, there were about 75.3 million millennials (born from 1981 to 1997) at the end of 2014 and about 74.9 million baby boomers (born from 1946 to 1964).

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Weekly Market Update April 13, 2014

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The Markets

How much is one trillion?

· If you waited one trillion seconds, it would take 31,688 years.

· If you had a trillion dollars, and spent $10 million a day, it would take 273 years to go broke.

· If you taped $100 bills end-to-end, you could wrap the earth 41 times with $1 trillion dollars.

· Alternatively, you could paper over Delaware in $100 bills – twice.

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Alternative Healthcare Payout Models

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Healthcare? revolution? Really? We may be taking part in a revolution and not even realize it! The way healthcare is provided in the United States has been changing. In the past, Americans participated in fee-for-service healthcare. You might think of it as healthcare a la carte. Hospitals and doctors were reimbursed for each test and treatment, which created incentives to do more rather than less, and may have caused the system to perform less efficiently.

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When will Rates Rise?

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When will the Federal Reserve begin to raise the federal funds rate? It’s a question that may affect U.S. markets more than any other during 2015. Last fall, Chicago Fed President Charles Evans noted:[1]

“…Monetary policy does not presently face a conflict in goals; actions that support employment growth also help move inflation up toward our target. Yet, as I look to the future and assess risks, I foresee a time when a policy dilemma might emerge: Namely, we could find ourselves in a situation in which the progress or risks to one of our goals dictate a tightening of policy while the achievement of the other goal calls for maintaining strong accommodation.”

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Demographic Changes

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Your grandparents and great-grandparents saw a lot of things change during their lifetimes… During the 20th century, the first Nobel prizes were awarded. The first license plates were issued. The first World Series was played. Americans lived through McCarthyism, the Great Depression, and Orson Welles’ ‘The War of the Worlds’ broadcast. Rock and roll became popular. The first theme parks opened, NASA was formed, and Earth Day was introduced. Two World Wars were fought as well as the Vietnam, Korean, and Gulf Wars. The Gold Standard ended and the tech revolution arrived.

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Weekly Market Update March 30, 2015

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The Markets

So, when is the Federal Reserve going to increase the rate for overnight borrowing?

It’s a question that has plagued bond investors throughout the first quarter of 2015. In January, 10-year Treasury yields fell as low as 1.6 percent. Early in March, they rose to about 2.2 percent before falling back below 2.0 percent. The Financial Times reported:

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Wealth Makeover

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Updating your Wealth to Address Present and Future Needs

Have you collected a mixed bag of assets over the years?
Do they still serve the purpose they were originally intended to serve?

Do you need a Wealth Makeover?​

​Many of my client acquire an enviable collection of assets, entities and titled accounts; some of which no longer make sense in their current stage of life.
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Currency Risk

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It may seem like a good idea today... If anyone needs more evidence that focusing on short-term corporate performance can be detrimental to longer-term outcomes, look no further than the effect of the strengthening U.S. dollar on companies outside the United States that issued debt denominated in U.S. dollars. The Economist explained:

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