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November is Long Term Care Awareness Month

Your Guide To LTC Planning What you need to know about long-term care insurance Children Could Be Required To Pay for Their Parents’ Long Term Care? Mistakes to Avoid When Shopping for Long-Term-Care Insurance Options for Covering Long-Term-Care Costs Updated Kiplinger LTC workbook Don’t Wait to Plan Long-Term Care Four Quick Tips on LTC Planning […]

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What Is a 1035 Exchange?

picture of 1035 exchange

What Is a 1035 Exchange? According to the most recent information available, Americans had individual life insurance with a total face value of $10.9 trillion.1 Due to a variety of factors, these individuals may find themselves in circumstances where the specific life insurance policy or annuity contract they own does not suit their needs.2 They may […]

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Assess Life Insurance Need

If you have a family who relies on your income, it’s critical to consider having enough life insurance to provide for them after you pass away. But too often, life insurance is an overlooked aspect of personal finances. In fact, 39% of men and 43% of women say they have no life insurance coverage at […]

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