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Five Simple Ideas for Tax Efficient Investing

Published September 27, 2016 in Plan Wisely , Published - 0 Comments

​ Published in Bradenton Herald: September 27, 2016 By GARDNER SHERRILL  |Investor’s Column September 27, 2016 Five Simple Ideas for Tax Efficient Investing I’ve written fairly extensively over the past year about investing in expensive markets. If you believe, as I do, that the next five years may produce lower returns, then managing frictional costs […]

The Current Retirement Dilemma

​ June 7, 2016 The Current Retirement Dilemma Retirement planning is largely about setting expectations, trying to manage risks or uncertainties and increase the probabilities of a successful retirement as it is defined by each client. The Society of Actuaries accounts for 15 risks overall which they published inthis hyperlinked report. For today’s purposes I’m […]

Before you buy an annuity….

October 20, 2015 Before you buy an annuity…. InvestingInvesting for your retirement can be a scary process. With all of the attention given to financial markets, it’s no surprise that one would want to escape the noise and settle for a “guaranteed withdrawal” or a “minimum return”. The truth is that there are no perfect […]

Wealth Makeover

Published March 28, 2015 in Plan Wisely , Published , S.A.F.E. - 0 Comments
Wealth Makeover

Updating your Wealth to Address Present and Future Needs ​Have you collected a mixed bag of assets over the years? ​Do they still serve the purpose they were originally intended to serve?​Do you need a Wealth Makeover?​​Many of my client acquire an enviable collection of assets, entities and titled accounts; some of which no longer […]

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