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As a small business owner myself, I know the demands placed on you are enormous. All too often important, but not seemingly urgent, matters get put to the wayside as you focus front and center on the business. You know how to make money and will get to everything else when it either boils over or things slow down.

If only you had more time

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You have both family and business challenges that need to be addressed but require you to take time and attention away from your day. You know you may have dozens of financial, tax, and legal strategies available but don’t have time to understand which ones are a fit for your situation.

  • Income Tax Mitigation
  • Estate Tax Mitigation
  • Succession Planning
  • Key Employee Retention
  • Enhancing Business Value
  • Cost Reduction strategies
  • Risk Reduction strategies
  • Business Owners Strategies Workbook

How do you weed through complex concepts and make good decisions on what may or may not be a good solution for the problems you face. You may have implemented a couple but not sure if they are providing the value you had hoped for or may even be working at cross-purposes to each other.

Your Family CFO

I will help you get your financial house in order. I will take time on the front end to make sure I understand your values, goals and priorities. I then work with your team behind the scenes to collectively consider the options available to us. We will start by addressing the 7 Financial Risks and addressing any family needs. Once all ideas are cross-vetted by your inner circle and agreed to we will provide you will a list of recommended action steps and help you on an implementation schedule.

A consistent issue I learned over the years is that business owners are often given conflicting advice from accountants, attorneys, financial advisors and insurance experts. Each one is speaking from their point of view. No strategy is perfect and someone is not going to like it. By engagement through a collective understanding of your values, goals, and priorities and by working together we can pull together a plan is in your best interest and considers all of the variables.

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I’ve spent a career focused on putting together client needs with appropriate strategies. As appropriate I may not be the provider but rather the general contractor who subs out the solution set. I vet the providers, manage the projects and communicate progress reports regularly to my clients. I work with both local and at times nationally recognized implementation experts for addressing advanced techniques. Before any work is done, all costs, potential benefits and conflicts of interest are addressed up front.

Regardless of where you are in the life cycle of your business, it’s never too early to start planning. In fact, the earlier you start, the more innovative options we’re likely to discover to help you maximize your business value and get where you want to go.

Case Study:  John & Mary

Case Study:  Paul