Whether you're a single woman or the CFO of your family, you deserve an environment that will encourage you to embrace your financial life before an unexpected event occurs.

I have greatly enjoyed helping my female clients design a plan that will safeguard their lifestyle and pursue their goals. As a result I have made helping them a focus in my practice.

Wealth Management for Women

Are you fully aware of your family’s finances or have you consistently deferred that responsibility to your husband or significant other? My wife and I split responsibilities and I know how easy it is to be blissfully ignorant to her side of our affairs.

Maybe you’ve tried but you been less than pleased with the manner in which your financial advisor has treated you? Perhaps in frustration and/or boredom you decided to just remove yourself from that picture altogether and just let your partner deal with it?

When it comes to your finances it is very important that you have an understanding of what is going on. I have seen too many cases in which the financial partner dies or becomes incapacitated and leaves a grieving spouse that doesn’t know who to trust or how to proceed.

Reduce Financial Anxiety

Eliminating anxiety around money starts with getting informed and choosing to take part in understanding the family finances. It’s what we do in the present that determines our future.

Maybe you’re transitioning into retirement or you are recently divorced or widowed and you don’t know where to begin? Or maybe you have simply come on your own to build your life and perhaps a business and now have the confidence and realize the need and desire to manage your financial well being.

Women today have control over more assets than men do primarily because they often live longer among other reasons. I recognize the woman sitting by “his” side should not be so perfunctorily dismissed and that it is time to pay her some attention.

Studies have consistently concluded that women are better investors than men.

​See:  The Women are Smarter

They place more emphasis on planning and take fewer risks. Women recognize, it’s about more than money and investments. Yet, money and investments are all most financial advisors are really interested in.

Do you:

    Prefer a holistic approach to financial planning that ties all the pieces of our financial life together?

  • Want to learn and understand the details of your complex financial situation?
  • Want to make financial life simpler so you can continue to spend more time on the things you enjoy most?
  • See money as a way to have more freedom, independence and security?
  • Want to work with a professional who empowers you, does not talk down to you, and instead partners with you to make sound financial decisions?

As women, it’s important to not only be educated, but to also work with people who understand and respect you. You work hard, you do what you can to ensure that all is taken care of, you do it well and with great consideration of others.

I will help you become aware of your options and help you take control of your finances and your future.

Case Study:  Kate