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What Does the Future Hold?

  It’s not stuff most of us think about every day, but we may soon be a lot more familiar with terms like brain organoids, megascale desalination, Internet balloons, liquid biopsies, and more. At least, that’s what the MIT Technology Review reported in Breakthrough Technologies 2015: “Not all breakthroughs are created equal. Some arrive more […]

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More Sleep, More Money

If you sleep more, you may earn more money. Researchers were trying to evaluate the importance of sleep so they focused on two American cities in a single time zone: Huntsville, Alabama (on the eastern edge of the central time zone) and Amarillo, Texas (on the western edge of the same time zone). The sun […]

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Counterintuition – Mean Reversion

The opinions voiced in this material are for general information only, and do not necessarily reflect the views of LPL Financial. Stock investing involves risk including loss of principal. Because of its narrow focus, investments in a certain sector may be subject to greater volatility than investing more broadly across other sectors and companies. Securities […]

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What do I do now?

​Published in Bradenton Herald: March 11, 2014By GARDNER SHERRILL | Investor’s Column March 11, 2014 What do I do Now?…… As we move towards the end of the volatile first quarter of 2014, many investors are understandably concerned with their investment options. Stocks markets have had a great run over the past several years and […]

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