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Where is the Best Place to Retire?

Published April 25, 2016 in Plan Wisely - 0 Comments

​It all depends on you. Thanks to the Baby Boom generation, pre-retirees and retirees have a lot more options than did previous generations of Americans. There is a lot to consider before you decide where to live during retirement: your savings and investments, monthly income, family, friends, legacy, work options, weather, interests, health, and a […]

If You Could Live Anywhere

Published March 28, 2016 in Plan Wisely - 0 Comments

If you could live anywhere, where would you live? If cities are your cup of tea, then here is some good news. The 2016 Worldwide Cost of Living Report compares the prices of 160 products and services – from food and drink to domestic care and private schools – in cities around the world. It […]

Septuagenarian Milestones!

Published March 21, 2016 in Plan Wisely - 0 Comments

​​Here’s a milestone you don’t reach until your seventies. The major milestones of older Americans are not attended with the same sense of wonder that accompanies the major milestones of younger Americans. Sure, registering for Social Security benefits and signing up for Medicare are rites of passage, but they don’t hold a candle to earning […]

What Could the Next Decade Bring?

Published February 22, 2016 in Plan Wisely - 0 Comments

​Wondering what the next decade may bring? America is renowned for innovation – originating ideas that change the ways in which people live and work. From the cotton gin to the assembly line, the transcontinental railroad to the automobile, the telephone to the Internet, ideas and inventions have spurred America’s economic growth during the past […]

Need a Laundry Bot?

Published October 12, 2015 in Plan Wisely - 0 Comments

​Do you hate doing the laundry? Then, you may be in luck. The world’s most recent laundry bot was introduced at Japan’s 2015 Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies (CEATEC), a technology trade show. The Telegraph reported the robot was developed to eliminate the tedium of laundry, which (as moms and dads everywhere know) is one […]